"We provide visibility and traceability into crypto transaction for every business."

InnoDT.com pairs data expertise with powerful tools to help business unlock the value in their transactions.

We are a blockchain studies company called InnoDT (pronounced “inno-dee-tee”). We specialize in transaction fraud prevention that exists on the blockchain for businesses in the blockchain and money market world.

As the market acclimates to the dynamic innovations to bootstrap cryptocurrency into our daily lives, great strides are made toward digital currency becoming an accepted form of payment. Regulatory, tax, and securities agencies all over the world are starting to pave the way for cryptocurrency to trigger a paradigm shift in modern payments. As more merchants, banks, and other financial institutions adopt blockchain in their daily transactions, concerns related to reporting, transaction validation, and credibility begin to surface. Engineering effective solutions to these complex problems would facilitate the eventual acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrency alongside fiat.

At InnoDT, we empower clients with crypto-transaction insights of different blockchains in real-time with access to visualizing tracking tools, digital identification, and digital wallet association through a fully customizable enterprise solution. We are dedicated to preventing and identifying fraudulent activity with our patent-pending technologies. We built our internal self-regulatory policies and developed a proprietary algorithm to aggregate extensive transactional patterns and behavioral data. This is our winning robust combination for digital identification to be born into a valuable asset to complement an active audit trail of transactions.

Our goal is to integrate all business to be well equipped to protect themselves and discourage fraudulent activity. Leading into the future and leading with foresight will require discussions and partnerships with regulators and policymakers. We hope to participate and be part of the drive necessary to drive innovation and be that lighthouse in the ocean of crypto transactions.

- Meet the Team -

Alek Tan
Chief Executive Officer

David Zhao

Scott Yang
Chief Data Officer

Philip Zhu
Software Engineer

Sebastian Roeder
Software Engineer

Gao Zheng
Software Engineer

Dalia Rhule
Product Manager