Our Products

InnoDT technology is capable of producing robust products to cater differ segments of the market. Today we offer three products featuring:

An enterprise solution for transaction research, monitoring system, and digital identification verification system. Features include transaction monitoring, tracing source of fund, and anomaly detection.
A simplified version of DAB for reporting and education for the community through single address verification. Features are mapping and activity reporting.
A reputation management system for cryptocurrency and digital wallet clients. Participation requires KYC screening, AML filing, and anti-ransomware procedure. Email info@innodt.com for more information and requirements.
Make InnoDT the solution to provide visibility and traceability.

Understanding the transactions allows both companies and government agencies the leading edge to build trust with their customers and vendors.

As transactions increase and cryptocurrency becomes widely used for goods and services, fraudulent transactions and consumer reputation become a liability to vendors and service providers.

InnoDT helps Digital Currency Exchanges, Digital Currency Wallets, and financial institutions fight against fraud, unauthorized transactions, and money laundering.

See how InnoDT platform can set your business apart from the competition, no matter what industry you serve.

"The cost of verification in the securities industry [blockchain] is incredibly high. If we can make this efficient, terrific!" - Jay Clayton Chairman, United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Find out how our enterprise API and web socket accelerates model deployment.
Manage blockchain analytics at scale. Find out how our enterprise API and web socket accelerates model deployment.