Blockchain Transactions

As transactions increase and cryptocurrency becomes widely used for goods and services, fraudulent transactions and consumer reputation become a liability to vendors and service providers.

InnoDT helps Digital Currency Exchanges, Digital Currency Wallets and banking system work together to fight against fraud, unauthorized transactions, money laundering and different level of abnormal blockchain transaction activate.

Transaction Analyses

Transaction-driven application: We use transactions as a base and created additional layers of application support on the top. Transaction analyses give the clients the ability to find the source of funding and potentially follow the fund as it moves within the chain.

Transaction Analyses tools not only allow clients to trace or to track old data but also give clients instant feedback when a transaction occurs.

It is an API and Websocket based application. Developers can create additional layers of application around our data.

IFTTT Infrastructure

We create IFTTT based infrastructure to help clients to be more pro-active around transactions. InnoDT sees the next level of transaction monitoring need to be set on the infrastructure level.

Blockchain Virtual Reality

Innovation: VR interface for blockchain security experts to visually see or monitoring the movement of funds.


None of personal information is ever gathered or studied. We trade our data very carefully. Our data is only gathered from public domain such as public ledgers.

If a specified study is required, the actual study data can be on side or within DAB designed client only area. We create the highest level of security around data we have.

Communication between clients and DAB can be established on a secure VPN process. Keys are swapped constantly for security.


By working with exchanges and wallets whom compliant with local law and have standard anti-fraud and anti money laundering policy, we want to give the recognition to the well deserved.